Best Conversation Topics On The First Date

You have reached a new milestone as it is time to take your relationship offline after long devoted hours of online witty conversations. The first date is one of the most nerve-wracking and anxiety-producing situations. This is the part where your relationship either takes off to a higher level or there are chances that it will be the end. For the first date, an easy organic conversation is the best and being a little nervous is also fine. It's always best to tell your date that you are nervous or have a shy personality. This icebreaker will help you to ease off the pressure and you both may open-up to each other. It’s impossible to lay a concrete set of questions but it's always helpful if you have few questions in mind. Below are some of the best conversation topics on the first date which may help you to prevent the weird situation.


1. Ask about favorites:

This is one of the best conversation topics on the first date. This may include the favorite meals, sports team, TV shows, actors, actresses, books etc. Asking these type of questions helps in keeping the situation light and funny. If there are common interests, chances of second dates become higher. Make sure that you peel the onion instead of stabbing it with a paring knife. Take turns to keep the conversations alive and interesting.


2. Home and Family:

The definition of home can vary widely from person to person. For some people, home is where they live, and for others, it may be a location where they were born. Through this question, you will find out much more about your date. Asking directly about the family seems weird sometimes, hence, one should always bring up this topic using a reference like Where did you grow-up etc. If your date is able to open up about his or her family, chances of a long-term relationship are bright.


3. Dream job:


Discussing job may sometimes be tedious esp. when the other person belongs to an entirely different domain. If the other person starts describing his or her job, you have no other option than to listen carefully. Never ask about the salary of you date esp. in initial few meetings. Remember that you are dating someone for who they are and not for the financial aspects. You may bring up this question in a different way when you both feel comfortable in taking your relationship to next level. Also, do not bring the topic of office politics which is very common in each and every field. People, knowingly or unknowingly, bring up this topic either to show their superiority (in office) or to play to victim card. Do not discuss the office life on your first date under all circumstances.


4. Passion:

Passion is something which everyone has. If someone says that he or she does not have a passion, it’s a red flag. This question will help you in getting a valuable insight into the significant other. This can be made more interesting if you ask your date the reason for being passionate about the particular endeavor. This will help your date to open up by narrating some old incident which might be the reason for his or her passion. When it comes to your passion, do not lie. It has been seen many times that people lie because they think that they do not have an interesting passion. Lying will never help you and will make you sound more confusing in front of your date. At some point in time, you will always get caught if you lie.


5. Embarrassing moment:


This is one of the best first date conversations after both of you have started opening up to one another. If you can discuss the embarrassing situations, this means that you are enjoying each other’s company. You may also ask about the hardest or scariest period of your date. If he or she is comfortable in discussing the bad things, they will surely enjoy discussing the good ones.


6. Religion and politics:


These are the two things which no one should discuss on their first dates. In fact, you should not discuss these topics at all and must remain open to accept each other’s view. Religion is something in which a person puts his or her faith. Whether your date is religious or not, accept the fact and do not force him or her to explain anything. Similarly, everyone holds his or her political views. It's not compulsory that your date should support someone whom you support.


7. Past relationship:

Past is past and should not hamper the present. However, if the question comes up, its fine to disclose. Everyone has a past and you should not judge him or her on the basis of the past. Just make sure that you do not devote too much time to discussing the ex.


Wrapping up:


There is nothing more beautiful and breath-taking than meeting your partner for the first time. You have come a long way and you both must be open to taking your relationship to a next level. Above listed topics will surely help you in starting a conversation but always go with the flow. If your date is uncomfortable with some questions, check them off your list immediately.