Know How to Behave on the First Date

So, you met that girl online and after days of chatting, have finally decided to take her out for a date. First dates are definitely fun and exciting experiences. However, these can also turn out to be scary or intimidating. Going on a first date feel like walking on a thin rope: you want to impress her but also want to come out as relax and not desperate! Because of this reason, a lot of guys end up making the same mistakes.

If you are also hogging over all the first-date advice on the internet, then look no further. You have come to the right place. Check out these tips to help you get through those popular ‘first-date jitters’ and make the day go as smoothly as it should be:

No matter what, just be yourself!

This is probably the first and most important advice you’ll get to hear from anyone out there. While it is crucial to make a good first-impression, you also don’t want to come out as someone trying too hard. All your efforts should be subtle, yet visible. Balance out everything while preparing yourself for your first date. For instance, when it comes to clothes, wearing something overly dressy could be a disaster. Instead, go for something comfortable, yet nice and presentable to look at.

Smelling good is important

One who smells good comes out as 10 times more attractive than those who don’t. This is a fact! So when you prepare yourself for the date, do not forget to take a bathe or shower. This is the most common mistake most guys do. In case, you are prone to excess sweating, wear underarm deodorant or cologne. However, make sure not to overdo it on deodorant or cologne. Keep it light enough to avoid any overpowering fragrance.

Speak up

Nobody likes someone who has doesn’t speak up for himself. For an instance, if the girl you are going on a date with, tells you that she has planned the day at a sushi restaurant and you are someone who doesn’t eat fish, or you don’t drink and she wants to go to a cocktail lounge, just speak up. Telling them the truth after you are seated there would look strange. Also, if she asks what you would like to eat or drink, DO NOT say ‘anything you like’.

Reach on time, ALWAYS

No matter how many times you hear the advice of reaching late on a date to look cool, just ignore it. Would you like it for yourself if your date turns up late? Probably not. Showing up on time on the very first-date make a better impression, while also showing that you value yours as well as her time.

Always be Positive

Whether it is the restaurant you are at has awful food, or the movie you saw together is shitty or even if your day at work has been a crap- just try your best efforts to be positive at all times. It’ll not only make you look more simple and fun to be around, but will also lessen any anxiety she might be having about you enjoying a good time with her.

Keep your touch friendly and warm and not sexual

Most of the guys think that touching her more during a date indicates that you are really into her! Well, that’s not true at all. This behavior shows that you are a super-touchy human and nothing else. While it is completely ok to take her hand in order to help her out of the car, draping your arm around her neck is completely gross. Or better, keep your hand to yourself on a first date with her.

Wrapping up:

All these classy first-date tips are helpful enough to make you have a successful and purposeful date ever.